Sportswear brand list ten

apparel market is very broad, there are major categories, in which sportswear accounted for a very large part, but also a lot of brand series, has been a lot of consumer trust. Clothing for sports competition. Usually designed according to the specific requirements of sports. In a broad sense, it also includes clothing for outdoor sports activities.

in the textile, clothing and sports leisure clothing market, has been the leader of other products, widely favored by consumers, especially in recent years the emphasis on function of the products is critically acclaimed, but only the real experts to understand functional sportswear meaning, such as malti-layer, onino-skin etc., to consumers understand the real in function, to provide accurate information professionals. The following together with the small series to look at the top ten sportswear brand list.

sportswear brand NO.1 ten, Nike Nike

began in 1972 in the United States, the world’s leading sporting goods brand, the world’s first air cushion technology, known as the small hook brand image, Nike business (China) Co., ltd..

sportswear brand NO.2 ten, Adidas Adidas

in Germany in 1949, the world’s top sporting goods manufacturers, with three parallel bars for the brand logo, clover series is its classic products, Adidas sports (China) Co., ltd..

sportswear brand NO.3 ten, Anta ANATA


began in 1994, the sporting goods industry standard setters, the main sports casual clothing / shoes and accessories of integrated sporting goods Brand Company, Anta (China) Co., ltd..

sportswear brand NO.4 ten, Lining Lining

gymnastics Prince Lining founded in 1990 the sporting goods brand, the internationally renowned sports brand, large-scale outdoor sports equipment provider, Lining (China) Sporting Goods Co., ltd..

sportswear ten brands list NO.5, 361

national sporting goods industry leading brand, brand / R & D / design / production / distribution as one of the integrated sporting goods companies, 361 degrees (China) Co., ltd..


sportswear brand ranking NO.6, sina ERKE

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