The rise of the ofo shared bicycle makes travel more convenient in Fujian

whether it is in the campus or in life, often we need to go to some short distance to do things, do not think too far in the past to play and feel too wasteful! Have you ever tried to rent a stranger’s bicycle with your mobile phone software? Liu’s classmates on the Fujian Medical University yesterday riding someone else’s bike to class, just pull out the phone with APP sweep the two-dimensional code on the car, and then enter the password on the password lock, you can use.

in Beijing Shanghai city rise "ofo bike sharing", has been at the Fujian Medical University, Fujian Medical University, Fuzhou University and other colleges and universities, because the body is uniformly painted yellow, the students affectionately called the "little yellow car".


Fuzhou popular campus yellow

entered in November, little yellow car almost overnight get together in all corners of the University of Rongcheng, college students through the mobile phone APP software, you can easily rent a bike. Reporters visited the University City found that the school from time to time, small yellow car shuttle. A class time, parked in the dormitory, cafeteria and other places of the little yellow car will be a lot of temporary master lead use.

There is a parking place fixed limit

public bike, bike sharing ofo using Internet technology to get rid of the fixed parking pile, the creation of "bike sharing" mode, only through the mobile phone software operation can take the bike, with the loan, a travel artifact student party new "".

"I do not have a bike, the dormitory to the teaching building has a certain distance, often run to class, always late. Small yellow car for me, the body is light, very good ride." Fujian Medical University freshman Yang students are small yellow car loyal users.

According to Yang Tongxue

, each a little yellow car rear bodywork are equipped with the exclusive license plate number and corresponding password lock, the teacher or the students need to download software in use, registered as a member, enter the vehicle license plate number, get the password, you can open the lock. After the end of the trip, click on the software in the end of the car, password lock can be reset. No matter how long the ride, each charge is 0.5 yuan.


small yellow car will enter the urban

ofo shared bicycle entrepreneurial team of public relations Tang Ke believes that the concept of ofo shared bike subversion is no pile and share". No pile, which means no fixed parking point, can be used at any time. "Sharing" is to encourage users to share their bicycles, recommended by the ofo group

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