Treat customers without malice not tit for tat

some shopkeepers very impatient, even if only a small customer complaints, will not let a, resulting in very easy to quarrel with customers. How to go up again, this egg is really small ah (I’m a big egg small egg a price, regardless of Jin), which is the most commonly said two words after the customer into the shop, I will be when it is kind of greetings. But in my shop, my mom love to tell the truth, she said it is down your customers have to say is up, it is a big egg you are also looking for a bone in an egg ", so they fight for the red one, my ears will be difficult to clean.

actually, let me comment on their right and wrong, I would say "mom is too straight," referring to the "customer is God" the world standard, I feel my "complaint" is not necessary. I have seen people shop color, good Lai words people have always said that, good language words are good for business. Lai words like a gust of left ear into the right ear out, there is no need to care too much.

and some customers is to "pick", if you don’t sink in the air the owner, the customer is to find the reason. One day, I heard a conversation in the supermarket next door. The customer said, you have made my money, do not let me know, I have to say you are the top one, I’ll come next time you shop to blame.

some customers themselves are like to complain about the character, where they are complaining, shopping is a very normal thing to complain about a few things. If the owner because of customer complaints and quarrel, I am afraid that only the loss of more and more customers. Therefore, I think as long as the customer is not malicious harm you, as long as it is not a matter of personality and principles, the customer said what is it, do not care too much. For the customer intention in the pet phrase, not Diamond cuts diamond. Don’t lose, take the "money" situation, because the force can be "money"!

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