Guangxi nternet plus College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition launched

"Internet plus" business has now become a new social entrepreneurship model, in order to stimulate college students around the Internet business, have held some "Internet plus" entrepreneurship competition.

the contest sponsored by the Guangxi Autonomous Region Department of education, Department of Commerce, Guangxi University contractors. The contest as an important starting point to deepen the reform of Guangxi innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, will guide the active service innovation driven development strategy, innovative talent training mechanism, create force of public entrepreneurship, innovation ", and promote the Guangxi electronic commerce doubling plan implementation, strengthen the e-commerce industry entrepreneurial atmosphere, mining area of outstanding Internet / the electronic commerce entrepreneurial projects. The implementation of these two competitions, will effectively test the effectiveness of personnel training, innovation and entrepreneurship in Colleges and universities, but also will effectively promote the training of top-notch innovative talents in Colleges and universities.

it is reported that the national finals will be held in October, the country will have 300 teams for the national finals, the creative group of 100 teams, the practice group of 200 teams, each university selected national finals team a total of not more than 3.

Guangxi held "Internet plus" College Students’ entrepreneurship competition can help college students to establish "Internet plus" business goals, also won the prize in the whole business competition among the players, but also can get a series of entrepreneurs to help.


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