Successful entrepreneurs need to look at the fate

on the success of entrepreneurship is a lot of examples, there are a lot of people in their hearts that they are because of "life" to succeed, some people think it is because the "luck" in the end is the "life" or "shipped"?

1, "life", can not control the environment in the Internet industry, not good business named can be called "Internet value-added services"; the business on the road, uncertain factors can be summed up as "life". Here’s life, we can not control the environment. This is also the last condition, is also the weakest condition. But sometimes it can be predicted, for example, in 1948, do not join the KMT; for example, today, do not buy a house.

2, "carry", step on step "transport" refers to the change of the situation, generally referred to as "luck". Shang Jin to understand it as a "key point", I think the explanation is very good. But I’d rather be "stepping on the steps". Step on the steps, seize the opportunity, which is the first step in the success of entrepreneurship. If you do not step on the steps, you are smart, and then the ability, may also be futile. For example, one hundred of the water margin will be single, such as the balance of the kingdom of heaven to help the blood of men, it is a sigh, it is a top of the hero ah, ah, ah, ah, it will be a top eight. Another example of the Internet industry, Haiwei Ying 8848, in retrospect, is "long the hero tearful".

3, "reading", skills, ability in the ancients has: first say "good at giving systematic guidance for all, only high school, said the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book, in the book there is a thousand li", said "three days without reading, then. Disgusting". As time goes by, reading has become the practice of internal strength, strengthen their self-cultivation pronoun. If you can grasp the "shipped", step on the steps, it depends on who is more powerful. Do you chat tools, I also do chat tools, that is why the last Passers-A domination? Passers-A qiangr more without it.

4, the "good" social relations, external conditions of so-called "merit", can be translated literally. More refers to social resources, relations, external conditions. Wang Xing, every step can be stepped on the starting point, from the campus network, to the network no rice, and then to the U.S. mission network. Every step of the steps are very good, FaceBook fire to do school, Twitter fire cooking no, Groupon fire to do the United States mission. Wang Xing is also very strong, but why do you always feel bad breath? This is the third conditions, social relations, social resources. This condition, placed in the country, it is particularly important.

5, "Feng Shui", control of the small environment Feng Shui is also called the " " it is in fact, geomancy; Chinese culture combined with the "book of changes", "Yi" and the change of yin and Yang and the concept of geographical form, it is " to " view of astronomical knowledge of geography;. Here, I define Feng Shui as a controlled environment. For example, the composition of the staff, management level, the upper and lower control, and so on.

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