Common shop visual decoration diseases and Solutions

a lot of friends want to open the shop to achieve their wealth of dreams, but open shop is not as simple as imagined, there are a lot of visual decoration errors need us to pay attention to. So, what are the common shop decoration errors? Is there a solution?

: the shop need to choose a suitable color. Logo design should be highlighted to foot loaded show, for example, logo plus advertising so that the whole shop recruit full and do not appear messy, it is recommended to add the button to click on the collection, so that both simple methods can improve the collection of online shop.

the same product, such as a pair of socks in the design, while highlighting the "4.8 yuan" points of interest, but the lack of design sense, not out of selling socks with keywords, let the buyer clear, emotional appeal did not cause resonance of buyers.

: socks, from   "feel the warmth" as the main title to cause consumer emotional resonance. However, we must pay attention to the emotional appeal can only play a supporting effect, the most important thing is the product itself, buyers need to understand the characteristics and materials of socks, >

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