Small businesses should pay attention to the operation of a few points

in order to attract customers, toy shop owner Li Jin Hongkong’s most popular new toys. But I do not know why, to buy toys, children do not look at it, they went to the store to buy some of the more common toys.

discount cleverly hit "billboard 100 yuan to sell 90 yuan" in the opponent, Lao Wang has in their own supermarket door hung a 100 yuan to buy 110 yuan of goods. ". The original 100 yuan to buy $110 of goods, from the surface, and the $100 to sell $90, no difference, it seems to be playing ten percent off. Actually otherwise. 100 yuan to buy a $110 discount less than the product of ten percent off, comparable to play a profit of up to 1% of the increase of ten percent off.

for discounts, a general decline in profit as net profit increased l% may have is a very important number. Moreover, the ten percent off methods of 100 yuan of goods sold 90 yuan "to consumers, the first intuitive feeling is" undercut prices, 100 yuan to buy 110 yuan of goods "can make people feel is improving value for money.

1 department welcome 100 passengers, operating small commodities, and strive to complete. Single needle, needle embroidery needle, not only has a variety of models, and knitting socks of the needle, the needle sewing quilts etc.. Sell shoes, leather on the children from small to long, with Gobon sneakers and skates, Goods are available in all varieties. Zip size from two or three inches to two or three feet, can meet various uses, is truly considerate.

2, Shiyibuque, business shops do not sell goods. This shop is not only equipped with large goods accessories, such as lid button, thermos bottle stopper, cup cover, flashlight on the glass, also sold with the gourd ladle and rubbing the old lady with the hairnet, brought a lot of convenience to the customer.

3, good at understanding the needs of customers, making some difficult to buy goods. The grocery store is next to the post office, where customers often ask where to buy a parcel post. The shop owner bought the piece goods, cut them into small pieces of various sizes, and sewed them on behalf of clients.

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