How to keep the cigarettes fresh in rainy season

Now the weather is

every day of the cold up, but I believe that many owners for every year once the rainy season should be more hate "". Once that special time, the cigarette is easy to damp moldy, affecting sales, and thus affect the store’s profits. With the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River into the rainy season, high temperature and high humidity environment on the cigarette storage put forward higher requirements. Jiangsu Nanjing Gaochun District Bureau (Branch) marketing staff to remind the majority of retail customers, through the following three strategies to make cigarette "fresh":

storage Youdao, dehumidification. The storage temperature of the cigarette is 25 DEG C to 30 DEG C, and the relative humidity is preferably from 55% to 65%. Conditional retail customers can put the cigarette in the air conditioning room, or put the cigarette in a cool, dry, ventilated place, and the ground, walls separated by a distance. Rural retail customers can also be in accordance with their own reality, placed in the cigarette storage of quicklime package, or put the cigarette in a dry wheat cylinder, in order to prevent moisture mildew.

output into the first in first out. In order to ensure the normal operation of the premise, best-selling brands such as Nanjing, Su cigarettes can be stored a little more. At the same time, we must adhere to the "first in, first out" principle, the first purchase of cigarettes sold, so that the stock of cigarettes has always maintained within a reasonable period of turnover.

avoid direct drying, heat insulation and moisture isolation. For the cigarette placed in the counter, can be placed in front of the sun umbrella, sunshade cloth, etc., to avoid sun exposure, you can also use an empty cigarette box or smoke mode instead of sample. For the cigarette has been removed, as a result of relatively poor anti moisture effect, it is best to use fresh bags sealed bundle, in order to enhance the preservation effect.

if you can not do a good job in the rainy season, the preservation of cigarettes, the retail store will have a very large impact on the sale of cigarette products, the interests of the owner will cause considerable losses. Therefore, if you are worried about the rainy season in 2017, I believe that such a small article will be helpful to your business.

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