Why not good lighting shop promotion

every year to the home improvement season, in the major building materials brands do promotional activities, in fact, a lot of lighting shops also carry out promotional activities, but the effect of many shops is not ideal. Talking about the promotion of the lighting industry, the current situation is still the majority of lighting stores, etc., rely on, to". And other countries to engage in holiday promotions, factory unified arrangements for promotional activities, with the factory to resources, conditions to engage in promotional activities. As everyone knows, each city has its own specialty lighting stores, but also the positioning of the lighting brand is different, if only by a unified promotional arrangements, the effect may not be good. So, what are the main reasons for this situation? I think it is caused by the following 4 points:

1, lighting industry low concern. Compared with other lighting industry and building materials industry Home Furnishing, the consumer’s attention to its low throughout the terminal market, consumers will not usually pay attention to the lighting industry promotion, they will only want to buy lamps to pay attention to the product style, price comparison, for screening,.

2, consumer buying habits. Is the lighting industry, the good times in previous years can be concluded into the store for the first time has passed, now is the customer to the store once, two times, three times, four times more, constantly comparing styles, price and service to bargain.

3, shopping promotion thinking missing. A considerable number of lighting stores frontline sales staff thinking is relatively rigid, can only say "my power is only 20 percent off, factory price is 20 percent off", rather than to analyze customer purchase amount, into the store number to decide whether to fix the customer can batch.

4, brand promotion is not ground gas. Lighting shop manufacturers to promote nothing more than two kinds: price promotions and gifts. Just a few years, the choice of promotional products is also very embarrassing, choose to sell to do promotions, between manufacturers profits are reduced; can not sell products to do promotions, dealers did not order, also do not perform manufacturer promotions.

small series of such an analysis is accurate? If the lighting industry should be aware of the people, basically the problem appears as small series above analysis. In short, for any one operator, if you want to promote better results, but also need to find the right reasons. So, if you run a lighting shop, if you want to carry out promotional activities, what factors need to avoid it?

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