Shijiazhuang to promote the construction of new management opinions issued

in such an era of innovation, to achieve long-term development, the need to promote innovation in many ways. Shijiazhuang in order to stimulate the broad masses of innovation potential and entrepreneurial vitality, will carry out a number of measures in 2016.

"opinions" requirements, each year and above the level of scientific and technological innovation platform 50, annual new 50 high-tech enterprises, the new year that SME 600, an annual increase of entrepreneurial innovation investment institutions 10; annual innovation team 200, creating 1600, annual return of college students migrant workers, 500 and 1000 respectively reach.

to attract top talent to entrepreneurial innovation, "opinions" put forward, for selected countries people plan "" Yangtze River Scholar "in Hebei province and the" Hundred Talents Program "project personnel with the recommended to venture in Shijiazhuang

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