Jewelry store to join big coup to share money

women know how to dress up their own, so the fashion jewelry store business fire, many entrepreneurs aimed at the amazing potential of the jewelry industry, then open home jewelry stores need what skills? And Xiaobian look at together.

stock picking

if you are stores, can communicate with your customer service department headquarters for your local sales of products. Because each of the local environment, climate and consumption habits are not the same, at the beginning, perhaps with the goods is not very accurate, but generally speaking, if you are to join the brand, so they will have 3 months to return delivery, you can return.

staff recruitment

if your shop is not great, and you, to hire an employee on the line, but the skin is better, preferred figure temperament is good, engaged in sales of cosmetics or beauty, but to let her know you store sales in pre products, the product knowledge, so speaking to customers, there is not a problem, because you know that you are opinion leaders, and your sales staff to educate customers should use what kind of products, how to use the product. Sales skills and expertise have a significant impact on your sales performance.

shop layout

about the store layout is not to say, if you store, in accordance with the guidance of the headquarters to do, if you do not purchase their own stores, stores you arranged according to their own preferences. The display of products is very learned, expensive, high profit products should be placed on the sight of Ping, can not put too much, otherwise people will think not worth the money, a quarter of the products or low profit products are placed in the lower cabinet, promotional products for before you, he piled up a little more. Remember some posters, hanging in the store, shop layout or hanging silk flowers, but not too much, otherwise it will blur the focus.


if you only a few recommended

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