Retailers how to seize the opportunity


has done a big event, it will naturally use a variety of cigarettes, if retailers can hold such an opportunity for the operation of the store will naturally be of great help. Whether it is business or personal, in a confused life, will inevitably be some life events. Although these events are purely private behavior, but it is closely related to our retail business.

both weddings and funerals, weddings and funerals, or business banquets, building a house, will consume all kinds of goods (such as alcohol and tobacco), and variety, large quantity, high consumption amount. So, as a retail business, we not only do a good job in the daily counter sales, but also good at seizing the opportunity to smoke with the event, go out to win a new world of retail. So, how to seize the opportunity to smoke business?

first of all, to have a reliable source of information. To seize the opportunity to smoke, information is very important. Our retail businesses must first obtain the weddings and funerals, child full moon, business banquets, building a house on the information…… Only know the exact information, we can call or contact them, give some favorable conditions, so that they choose to buy goods in their own store.

There are three ways for

to get the effective information: to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the wedding company. If the retail merchant can establish good cooperation relationship with vendors, all relevant information will be the first time to obtain the victim’s wedding, then you can directly contact with the victim’s phone or purchase tobacco and other goods.

more than all kinds of weddings and celebrations. All kinds of wedding ceremonies and wedding ceremonies and occasions are distributed information, retail businesses and take part in the wedding ceremony, wedding ceremonies and can obtain the corresponding information from the wedding ceremony and others mouth information. The establishment of information in all villages. Retail businesses can set up information in the villages, each village to set up an information officer, if the village people do weddings and funerals, can inform retailers by telephone, and then to go to negotiate with the retail merchant family.

secondly, give the victim the maximum price concessions. After obtaining the exact information of the victim, there must be a contact with the victim of the retail business. Can be contacted by phone, of course, is the best person to negotiate, in order to show the importance of business to business and respect for the victim. Negotiations with the victim, to come up with the greatest sincerity, to give the maximum discount, so that the victim to see benefits. Only the victim to see the sweetness, the victim may reach a procurement contract with you, the business will be successful. Retail businesses don’t covet profits, we should start from the "puerile" concept, profit go, business will be well done.

finally, door-to-door, service home. Both weddings and funerals, or business banquets, things.

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