Open swimming pool selection skills

to open the baby swimming stores need to focus on the location of the problem, because the site is still a certain number of requirements for the project, not optional location. Xiao Bian today to share some of the professional advice, I hope to help investors, quickly look at it.

location problem refers to several known existing facilities to determine the address of one or several new facilities address; or known nodes need to be served, to establish an optimal facilities, so it is best to service node. The implications of this facility are generalized, which can be referred to as the provision of services or facilities that require service.

A, in some places, the surface, heavy traffic, crowded, but not many visitors place. This is in the downtown area to open a new baby swimming franchise soon failed, and in the alley business is an important reason for the business. You have business with your chosen location in the bath the baby stores

It is a good shop:

two, it is best to do a survey, do not choose a new community that households live, but choose to young people in the mainstream community. 30 square meters of annual rent if more than 40 thousand yuan, the risk is greater, should not be considered.

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