How should migrant workers start their own business

a lot of people have such a phase law, that is to give people a job than to work for themselves, their own entrepreneurial achievements of their own lives. If we need to do business in the future, what should we do now? What kind of problems should be considered first?

1, learn to survive in the cracks". You can choose to start from the beginning of SOHO business, when you have entrepreneurial impulse idea, maybe there are a lot of things you need to accomplish, no matter what, you always need to be on Saturday, Sunday to return to run, for your customers to do analysis and implementation; Monday to Friday every day work to 12 points; every day doing your work plan when you get on the bus to work every day; when to change a head to do your own work, need more thinking.

a work this way may be very tired, but only in this way, when you do the boss, business, business, development issues such as you can to cope with the complex. This is when you accumulate experience when the boss, please do not give up! Maybe you do a period of time, feel tired, can, put down everything, rest for a while! Rest well, you can come back again. After all, you still have a job that can be a safe haven for you.

2, in the work to do, there is nothing to do". We can not because of the idea of entrepreneurship, the company’s things aside, even the use of their own work on the convenience of the company’s business, or in the work time to do private work. I think this is a matter of principle of a person, especially for a future entrepreneur, you have to invest in your own reputation now, perhaps before the age of 35, you maintain a good reputation and not just input output; but when you were 35 years old, you you can get rich rewards from the reputation of investment, I believe this point.

3, looking for a business model. This model should be the soul of your company later, only the soul of the company, the company can slowly build the skeleton – the formation of the team, and then fill the flesh – business operations. I think this entrepreneurial model can be an idea, or even a peacetime you encountered in the work of an inspiration, the inspiration can come from your work, your learning, your life. But all of this requires you to have a heart that is ready for a moment, ready for a sudden inspiration in your mind. If you put your faith in your work at work, then you will find that the opportunity is in the side.

4, to determine the duration of an undertaking. In the fast changing world, the market is also constantly, people, so, to continue to track the market, constantly updated technology and ability to identify a milepost, give yourself in general, you have to do a project or a product, you can give yourself another goal and deadline, so as to push yourself forward.

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