What are the conditions for joining and cold noodle

cold noodle snack brand small series for you to recommend and have a variety of delicious cold noodle, and cold noodle optional, to bring you a different taste, let you experience the more perfect tongue experience, taste is moreish. That smile how cold noodle? Helen team to do cold noodle lasting business ability, technology transfer support system and professional through efficient operational experience and continuous systematic training, improving the post to provide initial rich resources and late shop store operations and regional stores daily operation of regional partners.

smiled and cold noodle, cater to the requirements of the consumers, create a new era of food, is the first domestic non mainstream hall. The integration of a variety of features, is the industry’s exclusive, with food as the core, to do their own delicious. The best policy, let you win at the starting line, so that the success of entrepreneurship into reality. Now join the smile in the super cold noodle, support and help the company, easily open market wealth, become a business expert.

Helen headquarters providing new technology and cold noodle production tips free upgrade service, will become a franchisee business and later expansion of heavy weapons.

What are the conditions for joining

and cold noodle?

join conditions

1, a strong sense of professionalism, the development of higher and more stringent requirements, keen on the industry;

2, can agree with the business model and business ideas;

3, able to 100% of the implementation of the norms and standards;

4, has a certain market share in the local market, but also want to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, to occupy a larger market;

5, operating regional market;

6, franchisees must have an independent store or business premises in the regional market;

7, independent investors, have a certain operating experience can apply for membership.

if you meet the above conditions, and would like to join the idea, then please give us a message below our website!

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