Hotel name cigarettes were why difficult

shop door once opened, that is, a variety of capital investment, only profitable to make money, it will not lose money, it will not let the operator feel difficult to adhere to. For this reason, smoke hotel business is good when feeling nothing, business is not good, I feel like I can not do it, and often listen to smoke hotel boss said. In fact, the hotel can still be profitable, in the smoke Hotel off-season, do more promotions, or the use of other means of promotion, so that smoke hotel business better.

recently continued high temperature hot, wine sales situation is very bad, Changchun is a four seasons City, people’s consumption is very obvious by the season. Since June, liquor, wine, wine and other sales as early as, and now only rely on sales of cigarettes to maintain business." A hotel name cigarettes were boss complained to reporters.

Jilin province Changchun city has a certain scale of famous smoke shop in more than and 500, the name of the hotel name cigarettes has become the liquor terminal across the city, everywhere. Famous smoke in the past two years Changchun city has been rising rapidly, is an important part of Changchun liquor market.

According to

Meng Yang famous smoke staff, because the summer is about to enter, liquor, wine sales is not ideal, is the only beer sales period, but most do not sell beer Mingyan wine shop. The beer was to take the amount of the products, the profit is very small, generally the hotel name cigarettes were also not willing to sell the hotel name cigarettes were generally good business now.

in addition, the number of hotel name cigarettes were too much, Jilin Yatai road segment is less than one kilometer, there are 10 famous smoke shop, a large supermarket, Yatai three small supermarkets, a total of 14 stores operating Alcoholic Commodities, the hotel name cigarettes were very competitive. Two years ago, this area is only a wine store, if the profit is 100 yuan a day, and now have to come to the home of these 100 yuan, each family can earn much money? Pitifully. At present, the daily sales of wine is only 1/10.

of Jilin province rocksea trading company manager Liu told reporters, from September to 6 at present is the hotel name cigarettes were the off-season period, most of the shop is to maintain the operation stage, and some even lose money, only a dollar or to the business.

only a few people were smoking hotel profit. The first is in the vicinity of the hotel name cigarettes were Hotel, restaurant and other catering places, due to the good location, in the purchase of the hotel name cigarettes were to diners to bring their own drinks, every day to ensure a certain degree of turnover.


is one of the few chain hotel name cigarettes were, for example, Jiahe hotel name cigarettes were golden, Yang dream more powerful, because there is a certain stable source and chain effect and other reasons, so the operation is relatively stable. Most of the other famous smoke is spent in the off-season to lose money or insurance business, to recover the cost in until season. >

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