Dongguan micro coffee franchise profit analysis

in a lot of coffee to join the project, investors are very optimistic about a brand of Dongguan coffee. But want to join this brand is not a simple can join, there are some basic information or to understand, here is to introduce the micro coffee this project need to know what to join? Good through profit analysis to introduce the project can make money?

Dongguan Coffee Association:

1, the current micro coffee to support the country to join, you just need to find a good shop, the rest of the shop to join us by the whole process of planning for you to complete. Join the micro coffee, you can quickly enter the operating period of investment projects, to seize the new leisure groups of your local


2, in joining the party selected for berth, the Commissioner will join the micro coffee to the place to do a thorough investigation, will give the position evaluation, if the position is suitable for you, to join talks drafting stage. If the location is not considered appropriate after the investigation, we would suggest that the allies continue to look for a more suitable location. In our experience, the general proposal area of not less than 80 square meters, and is located in the local streets of the higher flow of people.


3, if the location is appropriate, after the signing of the agreement. Micro coffee to join the National Division will be the most suitable design for the shop, in the premise of maintaining the overall style, can be combined with the franchisee needs or the actual local environment to make fine-tuning, common to the design. Construction side can be handed over to the micro coffee is responsible, you can also arrange the construction side. In our experience, it is generally recommended that the construction side is responsible for the micro coffee, which can maximize the consistency between the design and the actual project, but also to ensure the construction time.


4, then, the purchase of equipment shop, shop ready, all raw materials in the early stages, we will be ready. In terms of recruitment, we propose to recruit local talent. After the training and operation of the shop, are responsible for the responsibility of micro coffee.

Dongguan coffee profits analysis:

join the level of the provincial capital city level cities

area of 80 square meters with 80 square meters and 80 square meters

per capita consumption of 25 yuan 23 yuan 21 yuan

day traffic 130 people 110 people 80

turnover of 3250 yuan per day, 2530 yuan, 1680 yuan

monthly turnover 97 thousand and 500 yuan 75 thousand and 900 yuan 50 thousand and 400 yuan


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