Gansu set up 50 million college students venture fund

college students’ entrepreneurship has become an important starting point to promote the construction of regional economy, finance policy help through the policies to encourage students to entrepreneurship, reducing the threshold for entrepreneurship, Gansu Province, unswervingly follow the road of entrepreneurship.

before the reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Education Department, the province will invest 50 million yuan to set up the "Gansu Province, the employment of college graduates venture funds" from this year, support for college students’ employment.

By the end of

2015, the province issued the "Gansu province to deepen the reform of higher education innovation and entrepreneurship education program (Trial)". Therefore, colleges and universities in our province will adjust the curriculum setting is closely related with the innovation of public courses, professional courses and practical courses, and establish a sound credit management system innovation, accumulation and transfer, the students to carry out innovative experiments, published papers, patents and independent enterprise and converted into credit, exchange and the classroom learning credits, and the implementation of flexible educational system, adjusting the learning process, allowing students to retain the school school of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The establishment of

entrepreneurial opportunity is rare, the majority of students should seize this opportunity of a lifetime, while young into innovative construction, do not let the young life left a regret.

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