Zhengzhou more than 30 thousand tickets issued more than and 500 free tickets to the hot springs whe

red envelopes is everyone wants to get, the international tourism city mayor forum held in Zhengzhou, the red envelopes, sending out the red envelope is quite amazing, do not know if you go? Here we take a look at what specific red envelopes!

reporter learned yesterday from the provincial government news conference, 99 foreign tourist city mayor or mayor on behalf of the mayor of the domestic tourism city will get together to participate in Zhengzhou 31.

Forum: more than 30 thousand scenic benefits a lot of free tickets, more than and 500 tickets spa packages as prizes, travel product line low discount……

[forum has more cattle]

hundreds of tourist city mayor to participate in

Secretary General of the provincial government, the forum organizing committee secretary Guo Hongchang introduced, China (Zhengzhou) international tourism city mayors forum is forward-looking and global cooperation significance of the tourism industry event, held once every two years, since 2008 has successfully held four sessions.

It is reported that

, the forum theme of "tourism city. Link interconnection, the forum will focus on Tourism from city to city tourism transformation and development" and "Social Tourism under the background of the city cultural heritage" and "city tourism facilitation of industrial construction and innovation of" three topics for discussion.

as of now, the forum has invited the UN World Tourism Organization executive director, chairman of World Tourism Council, the Pacific Asia Travel Association chief operating officer; in 2 countries, more than 3 foreign tourism minister deputy provincial officials; long on behalf of the 99 tourist city mayor or city in 36 countries, including 12 of the capital; 66 foreign tourism wholesalers and 22 media; director of 31 domestic tourism city mayor, tourism bureau.

to participate in the forum of the number of countries, the number of cities, guests specifications are more than the previous four sessions. Forum size of about 400 people.

[Travel + finance]

nearly one hundred billion yuan signed 52 tourism projects

tourism projects interested in the capital predators attention, this forum not only talk about tourism, but also talk about finance.

it is reported that the forum will organize the "Travel + financial" forum and financing preferred tourism project conference, will sign 52 tourism projects, the total amount of 99 billion 730 million yuan contract, including a contract total amount of 18 billion yuan in Zhengzhou city of Xinmi emperor Life Resort Danang project, the total amount of 8 billion 300 million yuan contract of Luoyang Geely the Yellow River wetland ecological leisure tourism park projects, signing a total amount of 10 billion 700 million yuan in Xuchang three recommended

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