Huizhou Huimin 42 policies dry to promote innovation

in China, the private economy occupies an important proportion, stimulate the vitality of private economy, the development of China’s economy is very helpful. Huizhou to stimulate the vitality of private entrepreneurship, proposed a package of favorable policies.

new "release Hui 42" by many private entrepreneurs in Huizhou’s point of praise, they believe that these initiatives really reduce business costs, will also help Huizhou made enterprises to open up the market, promote enterprises to create demand, enhance competitiveness.

new "Hui 42" than before the new where? What are the new changes in content design? Huizhou Daily reporter combing through the system, and visited the city is responsible for the revision and improvement of the lead unit by letter Bureau, the first time a comprehensive interpretation of the municipal government to the majority of private enterprises this Spring Festival gift.

to encourage entrepreneurship

built around a sound service system, the new "42 benefits" proposed to create entrepreneurial nursery (the first incubator) + full chain incubator incubator + accelerator + Industrial Park, the formation of hair from the primary industry to recommend project

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