How can the cake shop business bleak

if you choose to shop this way, almost everyone wants to be successful, can create a profit. The cake shop profitability is very good, it is undeniable, but my cake shop business is very poor, a month down a month, there is time to protect, there will be time to owe, let alone make money. After a period of time, I found that my cake shop can not go on like this, if you go on like this, will be bankrupt. After consulting with the family, I decided to find a more experienced tutor to help me analyze, look at the end in which aspects of the problem, how can we improve the cake shop turnover.


I work in the television station, also can be regarded as a white-collar, in the vicinity of the East sanhuan bought a flat. Because I often work overtime, so love to eat cake dessert snacks, monthly consumption of 1000 yuan, but to the cake dessert shop is always crowded with people, I also want to open a cake shop in their own areas, most of the area is young people, consumption should be very large, I think, a month how can I earn wuliushiwan, also consulted with friends and colleagues, they all think I’m the idea is very good, that they are encouraged by me.

then said, I immediately rented storefront, decoration, the introduction of baking equipment, ask the waiter, after a series of preparations, the cake shop grand opening, the opening of the time I asked my colleagues to help me do a little publicity on TV publicity, also do some promotions, such as the first the opening of the month, the dessert cake shop is 20 percent off sales.

Two days before the opening of the

, the district to ask people still quite a lot, but few people buy. The daily bread and desserts are due to the expiration of the day, I have to look at most of the baked dessert was thrown away. It was a whole month, I began to reflect on their own business is correct? Why is there no expected sales?

thought for a long time, I’ve written the story on the Internet please friends help me analyze, they said I was not good enough details, good idea, but in the implementation process of the creative out of the question, but I don’t know how to do to make my cake shop around, I couldn’t bear to see her the cake shop die, it is the first time I start, after all he is my blood.

mentor Zhang Huan’s advice:

, a cake shop in this direction is not wrong, bread talk, puff workshop etc. are doing well, one of my friends in Zhejiang mainly concentrated in the Carrefour inside do open type baking the cake shop, the business is very good, so you don’t doubt your choice of


two, you have to think about your site. In general, very

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