What are the American fast food franchise

card American fast food to join the headquarters for investors to provide security support? Many investors are eager to know this, if you want to do a good job in the investment business to understand it, if you want to get a more secure investment business to choose the food items will not be wrong.

evaluation of

partners after the company audit and after card Le AIDS will arrange senior market assessment team shops on-the-spot investigation, investigation content includes: attribute values, population density, age structure, consumption characteristics, consumption level, competitiveness, rental cost, through the comprehensive evaluation to determine the project investment, reduce the investment risk.

high efficiency channel integration

music card Zi catering channel has the advantage of integration include: There is nothing comparable to this, cold fresh products, raw materials, production equipment, logistics and distribution channels throughout the chain, and its own food packaging printing factory, the maximum reduction of investors operating costs, improve the node reaction time, ensure the high quality products with uniform!

fine operation service

card Zi established fusion refined and differentiated cutting operation and management mode, service process, service quantitative details, for the different needs of the franchisee to provide targeted services, completely out of the traditional standard service equipment, low efficiency!

regional all-around manager

franchisee opened the first 10 to 15 days, the card will be arranged for the music, the regional manager in the shop door all-round training, the training content includes: establishment of restaurant management system, restaurant manager training, daily operation process, making product reception service skills, equipment maintenance, etc., and can also support in store requirements in the late business manager Almighty spirit!

store loss rescue program

in less profitable shops, our planning department store will be the first time to collect the relevant information, and find out the reason for the loss, according to the actual market feedback information, marketing plan, dynamic adjustment, we save the shop at the same time, also save our brand value!

shop before support —–

information: introduce the comprehensive brand, cooperation and attention, provide analysis industry analysis and market prospects; business site assessment: card Le AIDS headquarters will assist franchisees selection and evaluation, in order to obtain a better return on investment.

shop support —–

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