Exhibition merchants will eventually promote the signing of the contract is the key

now is whether some enterprises or government in the investment process, and ultimately only one purpose is to promote the fastest signing, especially for some enterprises to participate in the exhibition in the exhibition, the final contract is not completed the goal.

exhibition investment to give full play to the function of the fair, there is only one way – Kung Fu in the exhibition in the exhibition, by looking into the existing target target, the exhibition by merchants conference into signing conference.

A brand is a mid-range business casual wear min sent men’s clothing enterprises, to the headquarters of the provincial agency to two stores in the form of agent system to promote the country. Although the companies operating for more than and 10 years, but the country still has half of the blank provinces, brands and agencies groups are in a weak position, so the rapid expansion of sales network, attracting a number of powerful agents to join is the key to the rise of the brand. In the CHIC the purpose is very clear, that is investment! In 2006CHIC, we use the depth marketing practices, so that in the two or three line position of the A brand to create a miracle, breath signed six provincial agency, to the basic national coverage of the provincial network. These six new provincial agents only in the second half of 2006, the total set up shop on more than 130, A companies in one fell swoop profitability. It is worth drawing on the road of investment.

Identify the location of target

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