Reasonable business plan guide to help you create wealth in sheep

crisis areas often exist certain opportunities, so when you are in the storm of life, maybe you can find a wealth of breakthrough, rushed to reverse the situation, of course, the premise is that you must develop a reasonable business plan.

"start": the 9 step business plan 1, products, services and business description; 2, find your customers; 3, market survey; 4, competition analysis; 5, financial support; 6, team management and control of your marketing plan; 7, 8; and the exit strategy; 9, executive summary.

1, who are you: what kind of ability do you have? What part of the business can you do better than others or other companies? Where are you OK, but not outstanding? Finally, what are the weaknesses of your business? Can be remedied, or only to find someone else to operate. You should concentrate on the core business is very simple, that is the place where you make money, and let the staff what roster, payroll, profit and loss statement, tax issues "chores" try to stay away from you, leave it to your financial experts.

2, what resources do you have: is your skill, experience, or education level? Who can help you? What kind of assets and income do you have?

3, what is your product: or what kind of service do you offer? Write a friend, write a comprehensive description of what you want to sell. It’s not a problem, just don’t be lazy.

4, how do your customers know and understand your products and services: what kind of product quality and speed do you offer them? Are you going to offer your products and services to all people, or only to a specific target customer?

5, you plan what kind of price for your product or service: Senior Product "advanced" price, or mass market products currently offer similar products and services "price"? Are you going to make a "price war" with your competitors?

6, who needs your products and services: why your products or services can be better than the current product or service to meet customer needs?

7, write about your industry recommendation

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