Red net to remember Wang Sicong rumored new girlfriend Sydney how to make billions of dollars in ann

national husband Wang Sicong scandal continued, while the new upper rumored new girlfriend Sydney is no longer a soft little sister, but the annual income of billions of dollars Taobao red, is the real cause of the strong woman.

The cause of

in June 19th this year, Wang Sicong resigned with Sydney appeared Bigbang concert, intimate manner.

8 17, a reporter at the airport to see Wang Sicong and the same plane flew to, Shanghai. The two fingers from the airport fast track out side by side.

the scandal so far, although news and gossip on the network has raged, but the two sides did not respond. The reporter has also been linked to Zhu Chenhui’s high school classmates, get the response is too busy to say no". Many friends have tried to verify the matter, Zhu Chenhui is more evasive, but the two men and women friends have not yet been confirmed.

originally husband girlfriend is not what the new thing, but still occupy much of the headlines, always wanted to let the headlines Wang Feng teacher to catch up. And low profile of the network of red Wang, like this, the heroine Sydney is also a low-key network of red.

Red Net is not a day into


from micro-blog @ Sydney Cherie "resume" can be seen: born in 1990, Wenzhou Lucheng people, education information were square road primary school, Wenzhou Experimental Middle School of Wenzhou, 2, UniversityofAuckland (Oakland University).

in a job site, Zhu Chenhui’s education more specific information: September 2009 to 201 recommended

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