What should do to keep my visitors

recently buy Group website has not been able to use a "fire" word to describe, from March Wang Xing’s group on-line so far, the country has been large and small over a thousand group buying site. Are group buying really popular? How big is the difference in the services offered by each group buying site? All these need to hit a big question mark.

of course, this article does not begin with a discussion of the future of group buying websites. This article comes from word of mouth group head, word of mouth group is a website that provides group buying website and Group buy navigation service.

buy Group website how to do to retain customers, I think it is price and service. Well, when I didn’t say, "

!"After all,

, gehangrugeshan, group purchase site of life and death I will not talk. I only talk about how to do a good job with the personal website.

now do buy navigation site webmaster also more and more, do flow close to 7, 80 thousand also have, do flow is only a few hundred IP, and the growth rate is very slow also. Why is there such a difference,


actually, the answer is simple. I think a lot of webmasters have gone awry. Many people, eyes only SEO, only outside the chain, only mass. And ignore the root:

— "the survival of the group buying website lies in the service, and the survival of the website is the service,"

Some Adsense website

, is not ready yet, daily information are not carefully classified group purchase arrangements, spend 90% time each day to deal with each new group purchase station, request the other party to add the chain, the 5% time to look at the group purchase news, the other 5% of the time, may be open in their flow statistics.

ask, how much time have you spent examining your website, and how much time it takes to know what visitors need most?


your site visitors, the most need is not your traffic, your site traffic is not big, and he has nothing to do,


may, you through the chain, SEO can bring a lot of traffic every day, or even more than 10000 IP. But how many people are there in the end,


is in such a consideration, reputation group from the beginning of the site, from the left of the internal. I don’t want to increase the number of IP every day. At present, my website is not the most traffic, and it is not the least. But I believe my website is definitely the best way to keep visitors. I’m not building a garbage dump, and I’m not going to make money by word of mouth. This is a free navigation service, just a small place in my part-time operation, after all, every day I don’t need to spend much effort to take care of, is also used (LP I love group purchase my site every day, she will see what group of things worth). Because of this, I can abandon the utilitarian heart to do this group buy website Daquan services.

here, word of mouth can be used as…

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