Stumbling along the road of life the webmaster may be my lifelong pursuit

Mr. Lu Xun once said: " the world had no way, but more people go into the road,." I was born in 80s, has not experienced strong wind difficult, had no experience of the poorest countries have the most difficult age, not too much rain, nor too much rainbow. Every day is meaningless busy, without the concept of date and week. Even forget myself. Very quiet, what to write, what to think, calm down, think about, suddenly feel that their life has gone a long way. But I still don’t know if the road is the end of the road.

everyone has his own different way to go. Some rely on their own to find, to step on their own. To step on a road of their own making path, perhaps some people born to belong to his that have been paved road is very flat. I was born in the countryside and grew up in the countryside. But all life, like everyone else, grew up, going to school, junior high school, high school, and college. Learning is not good, but still got a diploma. Graduated 5 years ago. Went to N places, changed N job, in class hours, always want to go out of school early to realize their dream of making money. Not for money, just for money to prove something. To repay one’s aged parents. Let them know that their son can have the capital to show off. But I never seem to find the end. In the absence of school, always feel outside the world is very exciting, always have their own sunshine. Graduation write messages, always in their own dream column fill what, what company mister CEO?. A few friends together always say I want to make 100W in 5 years… Or be a manager or supervisor in a couple of years?. Because I feel no more than anybody. Full of passion and longing for the future.

wandered away for a few years before he knew life was cruel and real. Reality is not acceptable. Slowly, he has no passion and morale, no longer what the director and manager, it is rich people play. Do not want to earn more than a few years, just think this month is not hungry on the line, and on this request, changed several jobs. Wages have risen from three hundred to three thousand. But I am not satisfied with the life that I know all day long. Go and be a manager. I know that is not the material, I do not love to speak, but do not like to toady, please eat this today, tomorrow that drink. Not not shoot, but not willing to shoot too hypocritical, too tired. In the eyes of others, I was kind of nice to say the word is honest, nice words is an idiot "". Although the job is easy for others and the salary is high, I chose to leave. I’m tired of that kind of hypocrisy that officialdom infighting tired tired heart is not physically tired. I was thinking of saving some money and going back to business. Two years later, in the family, relatives, all kinds of people puzzled, I chose to leave.

stroll for a few years, with a vicissitudes of life, back home, did not bring anything to the family. Although parents watch >

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