Yi a summary of local website content construction of the five methods

we all know that content is king, so the most critical job of operating a website is content construction, and local websites are no exception. Content often determines the height of a website, the key to the content construction of local websites is to give their users the most timely and original content.

, from Sina for micro-blog, every media platform such as Sina micro-blog will have a vast amount of information, but the information is not new and original (Baidu not included), so to get the latest information from Sina and micro-blog to expand and refine through their own language, you can write an article the original place of the article, Sina News is now often use this method to update the content, to make news by the celebrity’s point of view, so that they can do a very good homegrown, recycling.

The potential resources of

two, loyal users is your website, the reward system such as small gifts, site permissions and honor to arouse their enthusiasm, let them in the website content such as an event for the personal view, that the content quality is good, is the user’s own original content then, we further refine the integration, is an original article, then this would like Sina micro-blog, homegrown, the strategy of sustainable development. Of course you can list the publication rules and punishment system on the site, or with some anti spam, but it hurt his own website, got a rebuff. Enjoy the reward, the penalty.

three, from the television to find the original article, each place has its own local TV stations, these stations every day will play some of the local people’s livelihood news, and these local TV media to obtain the information is still relatively new at this time, we can find some value to release as some second points will provoke users to discuss controversial after finishing the news on their website on television, and these contents are often first appeared on the Internet, so the quality of Baidu for example of this kind of content is very high, which is original, but it is important to note that now more and more people just to get information the source on the internet.

four, from the portal to find, like Sina, Sohu, Tencent and other portal sites, these sites are the latest local news, from the local news website intercepts some distinctive content, these news don’t have no choice but to reprint, should find some controversial issues on their website, though this article is reproduced here, but after all, some of the people are very concerned about the topic and content, which can help users they can "is not" see the current latest and most popular local news in their local community, but also caused intense discussion, enhance website stickiness.

five, from the newspaper to find high quality content, because the local newspaper information on the Internet, many are not, if you can find useful information related in local newspapers, and then processed properly provided.

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