Watercress with users to do the design depth interaction produce more value

[core tip] article from the perspective of a watercress users to explore the value of watercress for users to create the road behind the design.

a user’s Diary: my day is dedicated to watercress


in the morning, a small A simple view of the day before the mail, the habit of opening the watercress, brush the neighbor state, see a neighbor to upload their French travel photos, photos of beautiful small A will recommend. Since the little A has been longing to travel alone, so she came to go abroad self-help group, began to look inside a lot of travel raiders.

at this time, she found that she received two letters a letter mail, is about to second-hand goods transactions with her a few days ago, the original small A in the secondary trading station on the release of the bean products: annual meeting to macbook. One more congratulations on her DJ MHz was approved. Little A was wild with joy and finally put his favorite songs on to more people, so little A began to work hard on the song.


received a phone call from customers after lunch, and the small A opened private FM at watercress to work. After a while she saw the navigation with 1 reminder: you have 5 books on reading in watercress, in the point that is you always want to look at it long forgotten, but also a lot cheaper than the physical book buy decisively down, then think of tomorrow is the weekend, and bought two tickets for the film 007 the watercress.

in the evening to see the home recommended a online album: time is a butcher’s knife, University is a plastic surgery hospital, small A feel very interesting, after browsing hundreds of photos, these photos are not enough to think so, give full play to your P diagram can also do a lively figure adorable together.

closed the album, a fame diary greets: "when you are tired, others are flying in the sky", was extremely excited, think about this day, the 5 love, recommended 2 group topic, marking a movie, released their album DJ MHz. The creation of 1 posts, participated in an online activities, creating 2 beans column, plus the team can not help but sigh: countless baby, this day is dedicated to the bean……


, and this user is small A, is me, is you, is in the watercress 68 million 500 thousand residents, each of our behavior in the watercress content, data building blocks.

watercress: with users to do design

at the geek Park Innovation Conference, North and we discussed the user value and product lifeline management.

started the book a few years ago

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