Ten tips for personal entrepreneurship

personal entrepreneurship ten tips

from the current social and economic development features, people’s work can basically be the following three types: state civil servants, employees of enterprises, and their own bosses. They are a lot of people but I am afraid that each one has its own merits; you want your boss! But who knows, the boss is the boss of the difficulty, not everyone can do the boss, is need diligence and wisdom to make a real money boss, do a successful boss. The ancients said: Great oaks from little acorns grow.! Any cause is to start from the drip; in the process of capital accumulation, constantly sum up experience, slowly! Everything is hard in the beginning! In the below we summarize the experience of predecessors on the basis of the combination of contemporary social development characteristics, summed up: individual entrepreneurial wealth ten tips! Hope to help my friends


1, the amount of venture capital to a minimum.

don’t borrow money. Don’t leave your family savings. The chance of success is only 20 to 30% of your new business. It’s not worth your risk. Your career should start with your current vision and your talents and expertise, and you’ll need only a small amount of cash.

2, learn to sell yourself.

as a small business operator, people buy you, not your product. As long as you know how to sell yourself, initial investments do not need to be prepared for large sums of money. Within thirty days of opening, you can find customers, cash will come in 60 days to help promote business growth.

3, be generous with your customers.

new business should not charge customers too much. In my case, I even offer free service to customers and let them know what I can do. Even if they didn’t sign up later, they would introduce other paying customers to me. Sometimes you have to catch big fish with small fish.

4, at first, it is better to provide products or services directly from your home.

I used to work as a consultant in a corner of the bedroom with a table, a chair and a small computer. Within five years, the company has more than five hundred thousand revenue, has its own office and twelve employees. All started from small, and gradually expanded.

5, from the first day, everything computerized.

typewriters and manual work methods are not competitive in the current market, letters, round-trip, accounting, marketing, documents, sales are no exception. From the first day of the business, you will have to use a computer.

6, long hours of work.

keeps the accounting, correspondence and other administrative tasks to the night. These things definitely don’t take up nine to five. This prime time can only be used to build relationships, make presentations, make phone calls, or talk face to face with clients. Talking with the customer for a day, and then go home to engage in the work can not produce income.

7, love your customers.

always speaks politely to customers, no matter how much they sometimes make you

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