Summing up three reasons for failure in one year

there is an old saying: victory is the soldier. What is the unpredictable Internet world? There are successful webmaster, there will be a failure of the webmaster. Below, I do stand for one year, failed to do a few reasons for summing up, I hope to give you reference, less wrong road.

One of the reasons for

‘s failure is lack of knowledge of station knowledge.

mainly about domain name selection, space shopping. Domain name: at the beginning I casually take the domain name, do the movie station, I have made a DJ suffix, the bisexual station has made a sum, now remembered, the domain name really does not have the significance to speak. Space: bought a domestic space, is a package of years, encountered excessive traffic, I do not know how to solve the problem, always ask space providers to help add traffic, ha ha.

failure two reasons: blind site.

from the beginning, I did not seriously think about what kind of website should be done, just started in order to flow, and later on to make money. When do the movie station, because my girlfriend is love after watching TV, she often open the movie station is "happy cinema", that make the movie station friends all know that his station flow is very large, the income is very good, so I also made a movie station. To their real operation of a web site, only to find that promotion is so difficult, spent three months before and after I, traffic is basically stable at about one thousand ip. – Movie station,

in a friendship link at the time, let me know a station to do sexual standing, and his hands although there are more than 10 pairs of standing, and each station flow is very high, garbage tens of thousands of IP a station. I want to exchange friendship with me, because my movie station is PR2, and he’s only pr0. In a conversation, he told me that it was easy for both sexes to flow, so my two websites were built. – stand by,

I don’t say much about entrepreneurship, because it’s only recently established. It was built on my own interests, not for profit.

Three reasons for the failure of

: to "make money", the disadvantages of the eyes.

in order to make more money, brush advertising fees bad idea followed by. GG, the first video, Baidu Union, easy to nine wins and so on advertising, let me brush again. I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m sorry, the respected advertisers. As a person, an ID card, some good advertising Union, I can not apply (because K), I can only put some junk ads, such as video popups, floating advertising. Originally more than 2000 IP website, has dropped to more than 100.

finally, I sold all the stations I sold and threw away all of them. I decided to do my

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