Some ideas about how to do the web site

often go to the local station much around the old webmaster want to know what to do in the station, what is the new theme stand also follow to learn. Turn more, go to the site is also more, I did not expect many webmaster still keen to do web site. I also do from the web site to start, I feel it is difficult to do a web site. I did not succeed, but the other success, but also good envy.

is the envy of the web site, Baidu hao123, 265 giant figures web site, QQ site, Google, Sogou web site URL and some web site have the bright younger generation, all of them are the main flow bowl, if this was my site each site are included, the traffic will surge. Many want to put on their website registration page, but people don’t accept, bowl, arrogant. Consider not to be included is not unjust, I stop to flow to the rank did not rank, no traffic, from the giant web site closed eyes just a website than my website niubable, do not be recommended for Internet users.

on the contrary, I do not like to do with the general URL station link, with the URL station to do links, basically no weight, no use for SEO. Join the URL station full map traffic, with traffic, we in the home page for you to do links, you just put the web site, also willing to page. Many webmaster should be like this, so the site difficult to do, just built, will not have web site application included.

a lot of webmaster should be very envious of the success of the Czech Republic, who points into the flow of more, who ranked the top. This kind of station that helps stationmaster to join actively is new-style, form a station, basically become the development trend of station of website of later. Well, what kind of Web site in the end, is not accepted by the user ah, the answer is definitely "definitely not accepted."". This web site recommended basically are out of order, very yellow, edge ball sites at home, is the main site for services, ignoring the user experience, Li Xingping had to do the purpose of hao123 is to make the promotion of the website, but for the convenience of users, using Internet navigation users. Now the site is basically stale, who gave more traffic to recommend home, sometimes in order to cheat the user clicks on the edge also write some words, I really do not know how many users will be willing to put this web site for home page. From the webmaster point of view, and links to such sites to get traffic is not true, and some basically no traffic, and SEO site optimization is useless, who will join it?. Now, even the Czech Republic is no longer the implementation of the "who brings more traffic, who ranked first" site arrangement rules.

webmaster do web site, or should do like hao123 such web site?. How can you do that and make your own hao123? Get rid of the situation without user browsing and no webmaster support?. I just thought of three ways:

want to have money, the best 5 digit inputs. To make a web site to stand, is a webmaster will be, difficult is to promote out, money can advertise everywhere, with some big websites, telecommunications >

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