New mode of catering O2O website operation

for the catering industry, the intense burn money era is far from leaving, public comment and the United States group battle fiery. New competitors had reached the fierce hutch hegemony era ended, Baidu Nuomi to raise considerable status in the Baidu strategy, the establishment of a new Tencent catering O2O website. How strong is that the advent of the era, in this competition, the strength of the catering O2O sites in the competition will intensify the industry reshuffle, so the new reached Baidu Nuomi and Tencent, investment funds will become more and more huge, financing, fast track of burn. How to get out of this competition, financing and money burning mode in the new situation?.

can not deny that, now more and more restaurants, O2O are in a loss, are using money to grab the market. However, in addition to the U.S. group and the public comment occupy a considerable share, other game player just speed in the dining O2O, want from a considerable share of the two dining O2O hutch strong, is not a very easy thing. Baidu smashed 20 billion of the money into the glutinous rice, whether to bring third places glutinous rice, it is unknown, other small players penetrate into, and finally who can reach the third pole.

catering O2O website benefit from Internet


huge domestic population, the rapid development of the Internet, which are new and strong to provide a more broad prospects for development. How to make use of the huge advantage for catering O2O website, will be firmly locked in the popular Internet user groups, a fan of the economy, through this kind of fans spread, plus a variety of mobile phone software, mobile phone client, catering O2O website WeChat, micro-blog and other multimedia formats. Pull fans to share and forward, so that this wider range of communication.

red sharing, this behavior to benefit the user, just like before Uber China burn money, with drops of fast drop, let users benefit, thereby pulling fans, use fans to increase influence and attention. At home, such a large market, can quickly enclosure and retain users. For different needs of people, such as hungry, positioning white-collar class, occupy a certain share in the white-collar market, so as to promote the brand awareness in front of consumers, have a great impact.

Carpet promotion under


on the line under the carpet advertising, publicity single mode; with the business of signing the service mode, leading businesses in the business occupancy, increase investment, optimize the catering service O2O site in the carpet. For example, Xiao Bian every time on the way to work, have seen many businesses in the dissemination of leaflets, which have Baidu Nuomi or hungry Mody, the United States Group stall promotion staff, distribute all kinds of leaflets. This ongoing promotion allows white-collar or student classes to download APP or online booking patterns.

carries on the propaganda in the information, unceasingly optimizes the customer experience, enhances the dining O2O service quality, obtains the user to approve, uses everywhere the food and drink >

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