Website analysis case 1 Crazy promotion revenue target

this topic from the QQ group a friend’s message (now are full, recommend to Yahoo! Group published in issue), I was too busy, he can’t reply, but I feel that his problem is too good.

now, I put his problem, "adding the trimmings to become a" real situation and more details of the case, take out, for all the friends to discuss, until we find a best analysis of ideas and solutions. This is a serial article, each case, the first release case by everyone to discuss, and finally I summed up the merits of everyone, and with their own views, to form a complete article.

cough, don’t call me lazy. I think it’s a good way to communicate with everyone and improve quickly. ()) recently, I have a business trip. If I have a weighty article, I will send it back to you. You can write to me and suggest that I should write something.

[case 1]

, I’m the website analyst and head of an online retail website. The site sells mainly maternal and infant products, and the red child is a major and formidable competitor. Compared with the red child, this website profit pattern is very similar, but the scale is not able to compete, so in addition to the red child, other sales articles online mall, such as,, and our competitors. Of course, our competitors are far more than online.


but my boss is very optimistic, he hoped that the sale of the website (Revenue) without increasing the main cost (i.e., no additional advertising or other purchase flow budget, also no additional promotion) case in the second half of this year will increase 100%, which means that the website of the Ministry of the door began to bear huge pressure.

The head of the

SEO Division has moved into action and has promised to increase traffic from natural search engines by 50%100% in half a year. I certainly don’t want to lag behind, but I think more than the head of the SEO department. I’m going to talk to the boss about the goal of increasing sales by 100% within six months.

[case 1 Title]

topic: if you are my boss, you must convince me (assuming that we are good friends, very equal), so you have to think what makes you think the 100% growth in the first half of the sales is feasible. This is a very strategic question, there is no correct answer, only the more reasonable and logical answer, of course, we have to consider many aspects. (note that this is an open topic. According to the discussion, I will always be able to supplement the information you need, as long as the requirements are directly related to the answer to this topic.). You can say what you think in the comments.

Title Two: I’m under a lot of pressure right now because I think the SEO department is in

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