My friendship invitation letter is for your reference

to establish a good set of external links, for a new station, is essential.

now many novice webmaster say, do not know how to find links, has been complaining about no connections, no resources. In fact, the link, as long as you insist on doing, and did not imagine so difficult.

as long as you go to send some friendship link posts, or active point, be modest, will always find.

the following, I take one of the non profit websites of the "network as an example, write a standard Links invitation letter, we hope to help.

email subject: Links invitation letter, the "network


XX Webmaster:


I was the "network ( station longswords, send this letter to invite you to the station and the station exchange page Links. If you are interested, please reply to this email, I will do a good job in 24 hours, and notify you! (you can check, then do my


sincerely hope to cooperate with your station and make progress together!


thank you,

report: the introduction of

network "

Chinese network "was formally established in April 25, 2006, is a professional," free information publishing platform, and provide information on the draft manuscripts of the latest information service for the majority of writers. Brand column: magazine manuscripts, newspaper, news release in about

the flow of the station is not high, day IP about 150, PV > 1200, but in the vast number of magazine editors, writers and lovers of literature has a certain influence, and is developing. In addition, the "network in Baidu, GOOGLE included with the number of good.

manuscripts, manuscripts, manuscripts of the network, the latest "keyword, Baidu ranked first.

along wish

business Kei

this paper by the manuscripts network feeds, free to reprint, but please keep the link

, thank you!

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