NetEase how to make every item seem to be a good choice

in the electricity supplier market matures today, consumers are becoming more and more picky, NetEase election at precisely this moment, a meteoric rise. And in the packaging of goods, strict selection is done so differently.

is one of the few members of the domestic Internet company who is able to challenge BAT’s existing status, and NetEase has always wanted to achieve greater success outside the gaming world. And Ding Lei put the target in the electricity supplier. From 2011 to launch operation after a year declared off Netease Luxuries, launched in 2015 to two years now has been modest koala sea purchase. NetEase in the field of electricity supplier exploration is not smooth sailing, but its strategic intent will not give up because of a small setback.

April 2016, Ding Lei personally created products, NetEase strictly selected on-line.

brand effect:

as early as 2015 NetEase Games conference, Ding Lei said, a company and products want to live longer, rely on is serious, is love, is the spirit of excellence craftsman.

NetEase’s success over the past few years seems to confirm that. NetEase mailbox, NetEase music, ethics cloud notes, and the NetEase of the game’s Sorcer and other products, has brought a stream to the domestic Internet market, establish a good reputation. These products have "attitude", also makes "NetEase produce, must be fine", these eight words more convincing, let NetEase corporate image and more "quality" of these two words linked. NetEase’s "strict election" appeared in this context.

NetEase, this very weighty name, sent the first batch of seed users for NetEase’s strict selection, and made a guarantee for this product with its own reputation.

in the existing electricity supplier market, the image and reputation of electronic business platform has been fixed. And the image reputation of the platform has a great influence on the shopping experience of the user. Shopping at Taobao, the user’s perception is the product quality is uneven, worry about whether they will buy fake goods, need to take some effort to study the credit evaluation to choose. In the Jingdong shopping, users more self-identity products, to some extent convinced of the quality of products and after-sales service, but worried about buying second-hand goods returned by others.

, a NetEase who has just turned his first year old, has not been familiar with most people and formed a fixed impression. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. Today’s NetEase is still relying on NetEase’s reputation, endorsement and brand manufacturers both of the halo blessing. In both still must establish their own good reputation among consumers, to prove their goods excellent, form the brand effect, in order to better attract and retain consumers, a firm foothold in the field of electronic business.

brand slogan:

"good life, not so expensive."". This is the brand name chosen by NetEase. It is used to advertise brand and is also a kind of value.

good brand slogan should be used >

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