Summary of popularization experience of Xinxiang life net

for a year not to communicate with everybody, thanks to friends who have been to our attention and support, we often have friends with Q or call to consult our website promotion experience, because the work really busy, every time and exchange, are not enough fun today, rarely have time to write, we recently the website promotion experience and lessons, and we encourage each other.

2009, should be a major turning point in life network in Xinxiang, the site abandoned positioning comprehensive portal website, a "classified information" section of the original location to the main station, all other columns all give up, positioning Xinxiang life network also to life as the main classification information, we aim is: content is king and the customer service center, all efforts in order to facilitate the people of Xinxiang.

has a new goal, we are in accordance with the goal to the full range of local people, for promotion, for everyone in Xinxiang knows this convenient and practical, and is free to publish information on the website, Xinxiang long life network advertising in the local mainstream newspapers, magazines, and local outdoor media advertising cooperation propaganda method, the amount of information of Xinxiang life net increase gradually, see the information in Xinxiang is also increasing, the volume of information is more and more, we often received praise from customers call, we feel this is the most rewarding happiness. Publicity is not afraid of spending; it must be spent.

propaganda in place, the next step is to profit, advertising naturally do not worry, there will be customers take the initiative to contact the customer payment before the payment of these, all experience, free information effect, free have effect, the effect of charges are not explained.

in addition to advertising, business reputation of Xinxiang section, is a key project to develop, we hope that the Xinxiang businessmen are added, of course, this requires a fee, taking some reputation furniture body is the business pages, to facilitate users to online do not easily find the needs of businesses, and businesses into the store the consumer, because many businesses have their own websites, to persuade them to join the Xinxiang business reputation is has the certain difficulty, we must make their own advantage.

comprehensive business information feedback, let the technology development level two business function of the domain name, as long as the business to join the Xinxiang life network reputation businesses, is also owns its own independent website, although the name is two, but because our website domain name is, a short name, so the two names of customers very love, such as, the customers because of this, we want to give more expenses, of course we still follow the original charges, the website backstage management function is extremely powerful and convenient, because the website program was optimized, the merchant’s website more easily by Baidu and Google several major search engines, and ranking higher.

, that is to say, customers join the Xinxiang life network, word-of-mouth businesses, do not need their own how to promote, through the Xinxiang Life Network >!

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