The horse prairie taobao com hand Furong’s conjecture

source: while planning a new round of capital operation in the market before, this will be through the lobby eBay giants such as Taobao shares lotus, so as to further enhance the Taobao investment in the United States market visibility. If you ask the truth of this message, it is not known. But the Internet never afraid this rumor Weakness lends wings to rumours., at least also shows a kind of possibility and expectation. In the context of the financial crisis, the e-commerce leader will choose what kind of way to

dominated the situation?

all star

e-commerce marketAfter several years of rapid development,

and e-commerce have been able to move to the internet. Therefore, competition is also fierce in the field of e-commerce, the Red Sea market. However, there are still several Internet companies that can really make profits. In the field of electronic commerce exist side by side, both local predators in you compete, and foreign giants landing. Dangdang from the initial single book sales began to transition, to the "online WAL-MART" expansion of the road. Confucius concentrated on the old book market, using the long tail theory to open up a blue ocean market. Jingdong in the mall after obtaining $21 million in financing, to put up a pageantry of take cities and seize territory. EBay entered the Chinese market that year, after Taobao’s tenacious sniper, overshadowed, still unwilling to give up this big cake. Amazon’s successful acquisition of excellence has made local operators feel the crisis of survival. As the eldest brother of the Alibaba in the acquisition of Yahoo China when YAHOO also received a $1 billion investment and the right to use the YAHOO brand in Chinese indefinitely, its C2C website has set a banner of e-commerce on the internet. In the setting of housekeeping at the same time, on the foreign market Amoy network, seek new opportunities for cooperation, should be a logical thing.

Taobao "go out" to seek new machine

in the domestic electronic commerce market competition, mature market promotion will bring many enterprises into a share, seems to have significant weakness. In marketing, the market will continue to open up new opportunities to seize new heights of profitability. Taobao and eBay capital cooperation may be staged for YAHOO’s stake in’s play, which is also an important step in Taobao’s "go out" strategy. EBay invested Taobao, and eBay China’s business to Taobao operations, while in the United States, Taobao may be B2C to explore the market, and cooperation with ebay. It looks like a win-win result. On the one hand, it can not only consolidate the existing market in China, but also open up new markets overseas. The strategy of "going out" is the only way for an enterprise to face the world and the future. Only when we go out of the country and see and learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries can we better improve our competitiveness and enhance our corporate image. More practical significance is that "going out" strategy is conducive to defuse business risk >

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