The relationship between DA Bu Webmaster Tools update

Google Chinese version of the official blog update will always be on the slow, like all Google products Chinese version of the same version, many countries out for a long time, only a Chinese version. Because I don’t like English clutter, so not stack port LXH is always more helpless. The latest article came out in September 21st, but the content was translated from Google’s English blog, which was written in July 20th, 2 months late. Because the picture blog is, the wall has been lost, not normal, so not content with Da Bu to tell you about this.

this revision’s code name is: summer sunlight. The main improvements are as follows.

1. our site selector can now list all of your authenticated sites and display search results when you type text, as shown in figure


original version, in the console home point into a station, and then choose another station, there is no text box for you to enter. Just a drop-down list box. And the latest version, you can enter text in the text box, the list will be based on the content you entered to screen out the show.

2. you can also remove links from the site link as long as they are not directed to the home page. For example, in the past, if you owned, you could not ban links to sites; now you can. As shown in Figure:



link (sitelinks) has been seen as a result of Google’s high-quality optimization results. Site links (sitelinks) are automatically generated, and they can not be changed. But after the administrator tools updated, the link to the site (sitelinks), which is not directed to the home page link can be deleted manually. This is a great piece of good news for webmasters with sitelinks.

3. now, you can see requests from other users about deleting the web site you own.

a website may have more than two webmaster tools for different accounts to manage. If one of the administrators sends a deleted website, one URL, you don’t know. Now, as long as you have the right to manage the site, you can see requests from other users about deleting the sites you have and can cancel them.

4., we now make a clear distinction between validated and verified sites.


"Not validated in the


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