Zhang Changdong website operation a year flow of more than 10000 experience

first of all, this article: congratulations on Zhang Changdong’s successful operation of the sweater network 1st anniversary,


sweater net operation for one year, day IP flow of 10 million, ranked 150 thousand in the world, in a small industry is pretty good. Everyone probably wants to know about experience, and I’ve always wanted to sum up my experience and share it with you.

but what I want to tell you is that there is no short cut experience on demand analysis and personal effort. Even if there are shortcuts, it is also accidental, not for the public.

a lot of people want to know, what kind of advanced knowledge and skills of operating website, want to step in place. What I want to tell you is, how can the master play, and the ordinary people need to do it honestly.

background: Zhang Changdong’s sweater network is the sweater industry portal, which provides the latest and most authoritative industry information, and provides the brand display of sweater enterprises. Operation only a year, the impact of the site beyond other veteran websites, authoritative world rankings and traffic ranked first in the industry similar sites.

planning correctly,

site self station start site positioning and development planning, the site within two years along the content, to promote increased popularity, brand tree four steps forward, from the operation of the first year, we are very successful.

pragmatic serious

is very important to be pragmatic in the industry website. They can only trust the website if they really provide help to the industry. In the aspect of web content, net pre established sweater editing team, equipped with the industry researchers, brand planning personnel, professional reporters and editors, the quality has been a qualitative leap, and have been soso and other search engines as a news source; for more people to take care of, the net net essence of sweater sweater the compilation of the electronic magazine, free to make tens of thousands of people who sweater, not often benefit; online exchanges, forums and QQ group in sweater sweater platform; line, sweater sweater manufacturer specific network joint tour around the country forum, and achieved good results; the network will also establish a sweater sweater on station, set up the online software industry, information navigation, ebook……

Every step of the development of the website of

is fit for people to abandon the sweater, nothing has no practical effect that makes the website traffic more than ten thousand, this is indeed a miracle in the sweater industry is not too much



said the recent goal, Zhang Changdong said: the net is sweater sweater industry market indicator, is the sweater manufacturer brand promotional positions will also play a more active role in electronic commerce. More practical and effective measures are being taken to guide and promote the development of the industry.

1, the establishment of the authority of industry information center, the establishment of industry hot public opinion center, sweater net operation for one year, to form a great influence, we continue to strengthen the study of the industry, write for more detailed market reports.

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