Local website was Baidu blocked after the way out

I do is a local comprehensive forum, from the previous government forum transformed the October 23, 2008 forum, re opened, the day before a local forum posts "PV twenty thousand" has been opened today in the station network, the site tells the reason and experience, interested friends can look at.

10 23, the forum was Google and Baidu normal included. I do not understand the technology, the forum is the direct use of discuz program! Do, only modified logo, nor do these SEO optimization, because although it is new, but the accumulation of local resource users in recent years, through word of mouth, we all know that the re opening of the forum, has become popular the most popular in a few days.

normal day included, to November 13th, the forum included, Baidu included and Google are more than 1000 be roughly the same, look, I go home in the early hours of November 14th, suddenly found the forum by Baidu K station, quickly find the reasons, all the post review once and delete all the possible problem of speech and to Baidu; call this transfer several times several people phone no solutions; then to the Baidu open mailbox wrote a letter, request the restoration included.


to Baidu’s complaints and response as has not been resolved like a clay ox entering the sea, and I kept in the dark as to why K did not know, Qin Hui and then harm unwarranted charges, now is the snow flying grievances, a knife eagerly died not clear, only be regarded as amorous feelings. Why would like to be restored to Baidu included, because the forum since 04 years, changed three domain names, the former two domain names are 738 and LDW, better to remember, now this ldline.cn is too long, not easy to remember. Although Baidu K station, but every day there are still many antecedents through Baidu directly enter the domain name URL, the previous 98% search engine is Baidu, now 90% is Google.

as early as last year, Hebei Province, a pharmaceutical website to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for antitrust investigation of Baidu, ordered Baidu to stop illegal behavior and suggested other websites to ban the corresponding fine, that is since August 1st last year, the national implementation of the anti-monopoly law in the field of Internet, Chinese first case of antitrust litigation; face more and more Internet users questioned, Baidu has said its "included some" refuse ", because of spam flooding search engine," spam is unfair because search".

Google has Baidu on the above statement to be a positive response: "Google China believes that this is in search of" justice "and" accuracy "of two different things between one concept, we believe that the most urgent thing Chinese search industry is most needed, is considered, the objectivity and impartiality of search at all the significance of industry of China, no search for justice, the accuracy of the search is impossible."

, Baidu is gone, we are still in the forum to accumulate the popularity of the past few years to play >!

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