A world of ten kilometers in diameter Talking about WeChat operation of restaurants

see webmaster online everyone in how to use WeChat to do business, I can not help it, come over to say a few words. In fact, in half a year ago, I really do not see what enterprises really use WeChat to bring a profit, the Internet may also contact with me is too small, I have no case of WeChat’s profit side, he did not rely on WeChat operating profit, of course not praise on, only recently suddenly feel WeChat, in addition to the circle of friends to share information outside still has many other benefits, such as taxi, charge calls what, I began to make more changes on the WeChat platform, and a meal of the power of writing this article is from inside the school, they do indeed very good.

for this, I briefly sum up.

bar is a physical store, the shop is famous in the school, belong to the cross-border catering, the combination of Chinese and western, what has, interior decoration is also distinctive, can not be said to be petty, but also have a mood, a bit like TBBT Sheldon’s home, and the meal is in the apartment next to the students, so the meal inside often sit all sorts of color of the students, if not in Chinese feeling.

the above paragraph, it raises a topic, we should do the micro signal, this family meal WeChat operation is based on their own unique style, attractive and delicious, long-term operation inside the school’s popularity. Perhaps it is because I have left the campus for a long time, now the students for WeChat’s dependence, I may be unable to imagine, I turn inside the school, basically use the WeChat shop, but I am concerned, this is the only family meal, because he really gave me to what is the discount and service.

entered the restaurant, you can see the eye-catching two-dimensional code bar attached to the cashier position above the POP font to remind us of the first concern and ordering that can get any drinks a cup of the value of fifteen yuan, but also a beautiful girl in front of you prompt attention to WeChat, of course I chose attention. The concern of the micro signal, automatic reply clear, pay attention to their account can get the latest product recommendation and use delivery, navigation is also very simple and clear, while the menu, while ordering. This is a subscription number, every day you can publish information, there are navigation bar, LBS positioning function, there are online single point function, and you can read the menu online.

every day at 9 p.m., the account will be sending a message, today the special offer meals, such as TBBT Sheldon love to eat "Zuo Zongtang chicken", and orders will get a small gift or direct cash offer of $five before 11:00, this is just a message only, and with a piece of information and advertising information, is the introduction of "Zuo Zongtang chicken" and the big bang, looking at the pictures are very appetite, said the WeChat ordering at 11:00 daily before the booked 100>

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