Do you really chat with users Personal experience tells you the holes in the user’s communication li

user communication links, said popular point, that is, and users chat. A lot of people say, "who doesn’t talk? Don’t we talk every day,


but you can fix the user? Chat with users, not chatted, Laoke, Xialiao, but with a purpose, targeted to chat, take this as the starting point, you will find not easy.

operation, I have done for 8 years, even if busy, every week will take time to understand the user, basically has developed a habit, so you can never say never out of the user. Here, we tell you some of the user communication links may encounter some "pit", so that if we encounter, but also can know how to deal with.

one, and user communication, we must control the time

users come here, must be a purpose, we play a community early, can earn a few points, or add posts on the front page, are all very happy. Users are not stupid, if you can recognize the "official", all things will certainly be convenient, and the Chinese people in the relationship can be applied to any place, the community is no exception.

so, once the user knows your identity, he’ll try his best to get along with you, such as talking about all kinds of very high topics, unconsciously, you’ll be trapped by the user.

, I just did the community, and I’ve done it countless times. For example, chatting with beautiful women, more and more talk about high, and sometimes a lot of their very private things, and even take the initiative to tell me, and then I suddenly realized that this is wrong. The more people you know, the more time you will find consuming. The daily working time is 8 hours, my girlfriend, time will be more hours of work time, I will try to control, but I found that still cannot consume, because the user has accumulated on my hand speed faster than the surrounding other colleagues.

slowly I began to learn to control the time, such as user posting, 10 minutes, don’t give up on the first moment, and then a lot of 90 users on the network concept is still weak, many do not understand the logic and they speak.

, and then every communication, with the purpose of communication, to solve things for the purpose. Of course, for those diamond users in the community, the time will still be spent. However, the total time spent communicating with the user per day must be controlled.

two, and user communication, we must pay attention to their identity,

user operation process, to a certain extent is actually for the users in the world. As a community, be sure to level your seat. Do not feel that you are above yourself, nor can you lower yourself, or be overly intimate with your users.

superior, users and you will have your people and disunity, speak the truth, you get the user needs and feedback are not objective. Attitude is too low, encountered a star, beauty, legs and stomach are soft, such a person can become a major event?

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