001 Summary first lesson of stationmaster net training

went to the webmaster’s first class today, with a lot of emotion!


personally feel that the novice mentality is not very good, stable, too fast. Can’t wait to suddenly become a top master, I signed up with my brothers to go to the post of stationmaster net enrolment to the study about the general understanding of the Haggai learned, has made the corresponding preparations, so no big problem, after the king came to map and he let us see the explanation of some of the more professional words in terms of some very simple examples.

personally, there are some suggestions:

about newbie:

1. is a good beginning is half of success: we want to put the right mentality, not to say what they usually do not engage in, hope that through these 15 days to become a master, this is not possible, the effort in peacetime, when the teacher is to pick a hadron of some of the classic things, but he himself is a master, we do not know a lot of words, we can not see the bait in stationmaster net, familiar with the terms, such as today, someone asked URL what is actually read a few articles on the understanding of information. Hadron teacher’s classic explanation + our own hard = successful webmaster.

2. Forewarned is forearmed.: the software is ready for FTP, I have to go in the shared space group, 848KB. Other related soft, I also put in http://s.qingyiz.com/admin5.htm inside, we can go to download, and so on, after the course training, I deleted it. You can first understand ha, those software is used for what, why Adsense nets choose those software?. What other software and so on?. I remember hadron teacher in the course of the lecture said a word, domain name is like looking for objects, for their own is the best. Then, in the process of software selection, choose the suitable version. Others only care about what you make, and don’t care what your stuff is made out of.


3. learning methods do not understand the question is a good thing, but to the time, we can use a notebook to jot down the problems encountered in the course of lectures, questions at the time of the discussion, do not have a question to ask, we think, so many people, the problems may be the same as the others can first ask yourself questions again, maybe waiting for someone else to ask after your problem is solved. Don’t ask questions especially when you’re lecturing. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

4. attitude is everything; I see a lot of people began to discuss the CMS system today, more and more confused, in fact, the post webmaster network teaching content has the approximate order is written down, we can follow the steps on the class to learn, step by step, a carrot a pit. Lay a solid foundation. Just in the group inside, some people say we don’t need to learn HTML, DW is enough, personally think must understand HTM>

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