Actual combat do station two months of real flow data analysis summary

my site online video super small forum, little flow.



but I don’t have any problems with the site,



is the first hundred Valley included, compared to the collection is normal, during which I encountered the server damage, I changed the site’s IP address.

I don’t think hundred cereal is included in my website, and after a week, from the new included normal, during which I made the following efforts,

1 update site

every day

2, keep content original,

that’s two.

, of course, my experience tells me that the content of good websites for PV is very high, to my website, for example,


is not a successful website, but I think it’s a good prospect,

just didn’t put in the promotion fund. My present promotion method is:

1, write some soft text, experience sharing, access to new traffic users.

2, similar website replies, signature design their own web site

3, build groups, stabilize old users,

so, my traffic source analysis is:

1, repeat

2, soft text to attract customers

3, similar site signature access to

, in which the role of soft Wen, the largest traffic flow, usually can guarantee a few days of continuous flow to you.

, like winning in China, we’re still on the road.

Please keep the ultra small

online video network ( thank you for your cooperation.

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