Classified information can be ugly and portals have to be taken care of

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webmaster to March, the following opinion represents only personal opinion, if there are different views, please actively explore.

said the now in small and medium-sized city is relatively common, not including the China portal portal, and the portal network information classification refers only to a regional, if there are users friends against, please don’t bickering, only do the exchange.

, first of all, the status of the classified information network and portal.

now every city and finds out some classified information website is commonplace, some special classified information network, and in the local portal website also has classified information, and a city of information is limited, a small city and generally have 2 to 3 portals, so classified information network now it is difficult to do maybe here, the same information sent from the same type in a few websites also have what value does not include those who have their own website brand good website. The phenomenon now exists is that the large and complete categories of information networks and the lack of awareness of regional portals are more, and there are still growing trends, but the site seems to become increasingly difficult earnings.

they have a common point is to provide some service information needed in an area of daily life, including housing information, city life, dating personals, flea market, job recruitment and so on several categories, of course, there may be some other portal content, but the content for the current Internet users seem to have what value. Now because of the Internet users are more practical for love, I want to rent a house, I will be on the special housing network, I do not want to classified information network and the Internet portal, the reason is very simple rental network more professional, and I just rent it, no need on the classified information network or a portal at the same time to check the listings to see some I don’t care about the content of the professional website may feel a little better. Coupled with the classified information website is now flooded, some sites have no useful information, so the impression in the minds of people classified information network of more and more low, the portals will be better than the classification of information network, the portal site in the hearts of the people in general weight will be higher.

is a small episode in the way, when once I communicate with the customer, he made such a request, he was a business owner, he wants to recruit employees, I told him about the XX classification information online on the line ah, he said no, the reason is not normal, I said XX net station also has recruitment section (referring to the portal, but he said so) that money is not good, to the specialized recruitment website, and in favor of the college talent, so he said that if there is a special for our recruitment website would be very good. This shows that website refinement is the only way, but also the demand for Internet users in the direction of the site.

, but there are still a lot of classified information networks. They don’t know how to make money, and they don’t have the money to hit the "brand", but they are still built, according to what I have personally encountered

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