How to do site navigation station

how can I do site navigation? I think that’s a truism……

today, little Yang Wo talks about how I do site navigation:

1. is preferred website, should give a good impression,


so, how can we give Internet users a good impression,


website domain name should be easy to remember, novelty, fashion, do not necessarily have the digital domain very short, because most of the grassroots webmaster do not have much money, are entrepreneurs, we have difficulties, but you can apply for a very easy to remember or double three spell domain name, because Chinese remember powerful Pinyin; Web access speed, but also a key visitors mood, a website access speed, giving the light feeling, on the other hand, is anxious angry…… There are a lot of factors affecting the website speed, one is the server bandwidth, the other is a website optimization program of their own problems, both of which are indispensable; do these two sites in the later should pay attention to the layout, such as the Logo logo, the overall color, not too much, and can do.

2. site navigation station is ready, how to promote it,


a:, of course, many commonly used methods, such as: BBS post, mail bulk, QQ group, write blog, write soft text…… In these commonly used methods, I hope you do not malicious advertising paste, group news, etc.. Note that it’s OK, but you have to add your own ideas, because it’s so common that no one will read it, and this requires you to think for yourself.

b: software bundled propaganda method: this promotion method is very good, but your software production or software bundled not killing technology, this requirement is slightly higher……

c: and computer city and Internet cafe cooperation: spend some money, let the computer city and Internet cafe boss to help you set the user’s computer as home page.

d:Ghost system installation disk production, this requirement is also slightly higher, the system home page directly modified to its own site navigation station on it.

e: spends money looking for software, download station collaboration, and the software bundles are similar.

f: to participate in some public welfare activities, so that others on your website good impression.

G: website points up points for gifts or cash activities……

H: many and all kinds of weight high website exchange links, improve website ranking……

I: website creativity is also an important factor to attract visitors, the key to their own.


There are many methods of

, however, I believe that the same method for different people use effect is not the same, want to do the site navigation station friends positive self play potential, for the website traffic up.

3. to yourself >

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