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360 cinema four months time has been done, day IP4 million, PV50 million! Although money did not earn, but earned enough popularity! For me, a small grassroots can be made so, I have been very satisfied. But I will not be satisfied, I will continue to work hard, I know well, in order to succeed, I need to continue to learn master experience, and constantly explore the promotion experience suitable for my station. To do better.

today, I want to talk about some of the methods and let everyone point it out. The old saying that a good chance is for a prepared man. So does the search engine. Sometimes you can taste a lot of attention. Compared to the popular words’ latest movie ‘, I can’t do the first 1 pages. I can do a popular "08 latest movie". Since 08 years’ 08 latest movie ‘is the hottest word associated with’ latest movie ‘, there must be’ 09 newest movie ‘in 09 years. When others have not done it yet, they should put it up first and take the top three easily. Mixed up with search engines. The coming year slightly promotion, can hold the first place.

is also occasionally to brush traffic, improve Alexa Rankings, although now ranking is not so important. But the higher the ranking, the better the arrangement.

insists on updating the content. Don’t fill up a lot of movies at once, and don’t update for a few days. This effect has not been updated every day, a small part of the content is good.

to improve the external connection, front I see a big brother to talk about punctuation plus connection. That’s a good way. Looking for some classic articles, do some hands and feet, reprinted to other stations. Ha ha, because of his classic, there will be a lot of people will see will also go to their own space and forums. Try it. It works. It’s late. Take a bath and go to bed.


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