Global B2C electricity supplier website innovation model research and related cases

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the past year, foreign electricity supplier website is much better, especially in the pattern of innovative enterprises:


was a gay social networking site turn flash sales site, 2011 revenue of $70 million, with similar patterns of Beyond The Rack financing $36 million 600 thousand in early November 2011; the earliest use of subscription sales model Birchbox Goldman listed road is optimistic, imitators also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appears continuously; the marketing mode of Shoedazzle also received a $40 million financing; by the user to participate in the production, pricing, auction business site Bagthat and Scorebig in the capital market A new force suddenly rises., also received good results.

in general, whether domestic electricity supplier enterprises, or foreign electricity supplier companies, there are merits to learn from. To this end, we summarize the current electricity supplier website innovation mode of foreign B2C and related cases, to readers. (the daily special rate model represented by group buying faces great challenge in China, so it is not the object of this report)

model 1: subscriptions, sales,

introduction: similar to the newspaper and magazine subscriptions, such websites using the membership system, users pay a fee in advance, can get a monthly gift box, which is filled with the site staff selected for users of fine goods. At present, the adoption of the model of the electricity supplier website has covered packages, cosmetics, food, clothing, maternal and child supplies and other sub sectors, there are new domestic enterprises to test the water this business model.


time saving and convenient service: providing daily necessities such as mother and baby supplies, socks, underwear, pet food and so on, saving a lot of time for users.

experience consumption: the provision of cosmetics, food and so on, the user only need to spend a little money to experience the usual price, space and other factors can not reach the commodity.

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