f grassroots webmaster also like Ma Yun sealed Baidu

a few days ago Ma to a big hand, put the boss to get rid of the domestic search. Indeed, no small storm, no matter what kind of purpose Ma Ma, at least make such a smart move, so that we are envious of these grassroots. Admire, in every day we look forward to Baidu earlier to give yourself a good face, to give himself away when Ma came, this hand is really admirable. Today, there is news that Sohu blog, campus, domestic and collective have Baidu to K. Although do not know the news is true or false, Sina put out the news to be more or less a little wind sways grass. Ma Yun sealed Baidu, the problems involved, whether in order to say, as Ma Yun said, is for the interests of network operators, or the competition between the giants, if everyone is interested, you can follow their own understanding of how much. That’s all for today.

Baidu from scratch, from a small search to do a domestic search for the boss, from a single search to the present huge Baidu empire. Its aim and ambition to earn money as can be imagined, what what would like to insert a bar, is Baidu search is Baidu PPC hold today’s Baidu, but Baidu’s success is built on the basis of the the thousands on thousands of grassroots webmaster, but now Baidu’s reputation in many grassroots webmaster in I want to or not where to go. But, but also can not do without Baidu, because left the Baidu seems to have lost its significance and value of the generated. Baidu can let you today a day IP zero for the small station, tomorrow can give you tens of thousands of traffic, this is the charm of Baidu. But now the new sites included more or even the long elusive, hard to collect, also wait to taste the joy of being included in front of Baidu that a lot of Baidu pictures, video, know… What… Do these things in a complete mess, it really is the demand of the users


if the grassroots webmaster are like Ma like in the Baidu has not K himself before the Baidu K to the case, the network will be what kind of, Baidu will not blindly to the publicity to promote their own things, completely abandoned the user and the webmaster feel, if Baidu blocked then Baidu has existence value and meaning? Not the majority of grassroots support, what you have left Baidu, maybe time will go back to the N Baidu debut day……! Why do you value only to the neglect of the other Baidu search, Baidu search is really very close to the user? The answer may not be! Some days ago to see the good in their own Webmaster Station marked Baidu search to this station please search the station with Google. If every webmaster hang this slogan I think Baidu Li mood and what will is the search of the boss, in fact, the webmaster can really put to the closure of Baidu? Really like Taobao, the domestic such as casual to Baidu to seal it, can’t. Unless you don’t like the money. These are just personal complaints. In fact, such a thing may not happen at all, or for the moment. >

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